There are situations in life when we feel really helpless owing to certain circumstances. The result, however, is we feel restless and become needy. We want something or someone desperately so that we can go back to the arena where we can satisfy our needs and desires. When we don’t get attention from someone or get isolated in any form, we become needy. This problem emanates because we have been in touch with the person or thing for long and we feel like a discarded can once someone gives us a wide berth.

At one point or the other everyone feels needy. Being needy is something which is always looked down by people. No one really likes to be around a needy person. Yes, we become needy at times but always playing that card can prove detrimental to you and might land you in a morass of adverse situation. One needs to be sensible, practical and a tad alert when it comes to dealing with people. Sometimes your one action can mar the entire situation and what you get is the disappointment. In order to stop being needy, you have to change the course of your life and incorporate some changes in your life so that you are not kept at a distance.

#1. Be Independent

When you become needy, you become dependent on someone losing your own identity and personality. You need to give yourself latitude so that you can work according to your own terms and conditions. When people work according to others and toe the line they lose their own sense of thinking and taking decisions. Therefore they depend on others for their happiness and satisfaction.

One must be capable of deciding things on his own and do something in his or her own right. Once you bring in this approach in life, you will not be clingy and would be able to deal with your problems personally instead of depending on others. In relationships too, people become needy. One should make decisions on one’s own without any interference from their partner.

#2. Ditch Your Desire For Being In A Company All The Time

If you find yourself completely out of line without the company of people you are involved with, be it colleagues, friends or family, you are extremely needy. You need to get out of this muck as quickly as possible. You need to set your mind at a fixed place and not let it allow you to hanker after a group of friends. We become needy at times inadvertently, and we keep on doing things that make fuel our desires.

#3. Confess It

It is important to admit the fact that you are needy. When you do not confess your own nature, you deny the real picture that gives you the actual nature of your disposition. Once you own up to it, you can definitely look for help so that you can improve your situation. Confessions are really difficult, however, once you realize the ground reality of your own self, you can find ways which will help you overcome this habit. For instance, if you are clinging to your partner out of jealousy or vulnerability, you can tell him directly without any inhibitions. This will make way for a better relationship.

#4. Believe In Tit For Tat

Make sure you return what you are getting in your life. Do not unnecessarily be generous on someone. You must adopt quid pro quo policy in life to lead a happy life. When you become needy, you do things for others just for seeking attention. Stop giving a wrong impression about yourself.

If someone is ostracizing you, just do not keep up with them. Behave with the other person in the same way he or she is behaving with you. Doing a favor for anyone just for the sake of love and affection will land you nowhere as others would belittle your every action and will deride you in your absence. Therefore think twice before investing too much in any relationship, save your efforts, time and energy.


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